Wendy Paterson

Wendy was born in 1973 in Paarl, South Africa. She spent a lot of time outdoors, on farms, camping, hiking and spending time at rivers and the beach when she was growing up. So it is not surprising that today she loves being outdoors and gets a lot of inspiration and happiness from nature.

Wendy Paterson

Wendy has lived in various places around South Africa, but mostly in the Western Cape. She has also lived and worked briefly in England and has traveled to every continent on earth, except Antarctica!

After studying a variety of subjects from Archaeology, Environmental and Geographical Science, World Religions, Tourism and Education; and working in a variety of different jobs from Archaeologist, Hotel 'dogsbody', t-shirt designer, researcher and a teacher, she finally settled down to do what she has actually always wanted to do and that is to illustrate.

Wendy and family

With two furry cats and two lovely little girls and one great husband and an awesome view, Wendy cannot help but draw happy colourful pictures which hopefully make the people who look at them, smile.