Learn With Mrs Hearn

Jennifer Hearn

"Literacy intervention is like saving lives." Whether it's teaching reading or saving kittens, Jennifer wants to help. She has jumped into her African surroundings in every way and has created documentary and photographic projects inspired by her spontaneity. This creativity continues throughout her interests and she’s known for saying 'Yes' to adventure! Jennifer started as a volunteer using her teaching degree for reading with disadvantaged youth. She now writes educational resources and works as a literacy coordinator in Masiphumelele.

Starting out on a pastoral farm setting in Minnesota, Jennifer then spent many years on the US East Coast before moving to South Africa in 2006; and that's where she lives today. She loves nature, traveling, culinary challenges and meeting new people.

Jennifer has been a member of the International Reading Association since 2006 and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling.

JJ Hearn Portrait
Jennifer filming documentary subjects in Africa
JJ Hearn with mustang
Visiting the Wild Mustang Center, Wyoming

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